Women decide to take birth control for many different reasons and depending on your reason; you might have to ask yourself a few questions before deciding on which one to take.

It’s all about your lifestyle and what you are comfortable with; remember to also ask your doctor if you have unique conditions so that you can make an informed decision.

There are so many birth control options available, and this might make choosing which one to take a bit tricky. It’s important to remember that some birth control options are more effective than others but no birth control method (except for abstinence) is 100% effective.

Consider the side effects; some birth control methods have quiet significant side effects on your body. Women who already have a heavy flow should think twice about taking a contraceptive that increases their flow this may cause anaemia. Some ladies are allergic to latex so using barrier protection such as a condom might not work for them. Other effects may cause terrible migraines while others take a toll on your weight. So make sure you are well informed about the side effects of the contraceptive you choose.

You also need to consider your lifestyle and whether the contraceptive fits into it. If you are a busy person and might find it difficult to take a pill at certain time, then rather pick a different method. If your current situation does not accommodate the results of a “missed pill” then rather opt for a method that does not require you to reliably take at the same time every day. You also need to feel comfortable with yours and your partner’s sexual activity; if you want to have protection against conceiving as well as any sexually transmitted infections then you might need a barrier method as well.

If you are morally (i.e. vegans may not feel comfortable using vegan condoms), spiritually or religiously opposed to using certain birth control methods, there are natural family planning methods that can be used successfully - given that both partners are motivated with this choice. These methods usually receive less attention, but do not rule them out until you have done some research.